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Water Main Replacement

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018 in Services

Water Main Replacement

One of ways Murray Plumbing serves the Salt Lake area is by replacing water mains. We provide professional, fast, water main replacement.

Water main replacement can be a huge hassle. Depending on the severity of your water main problem, if you choose to do the work yourself, you may have to rent heavy duty equipment to dig into your yard and if the problem is close enough the street, utility companies are required to get involved. Why do the work yourself when Murray Plumbing can replace water mains with the highest quality and standards so you can be assured your water main problem is taken care of right.

Why do you need water main replacement? There are variety of reasons someone might need a water main replaced: it may be cracked, have tree roots embedded in it, freezing may have damaged it, or it simply may be old. Many homeowners don’t realize that they are responsible for the water line that runs from the street to their house. The city water main is located in the street and as soon as it branches off, it is the homeowners responsibility. If your water main is cracked or damaged, it can result in extensive property damage due to hazardous backflow, and flooding.

How do you know if your water main is damaged or may need repairs? Here are a few good
signs to look for if you’re worried about your water main:
● Noisy Pipes
● A Decrease in Water Pressure
● Dirty Water
● Flooding
● Poor Drainage
● A Backflow of Water
● Standing Water in your Yard
● Soggy Spots in your Yard
● Tree Root Interference

What action should you take if you think you’re water main is damaged? If you suspect that there may be a crack or break in the water main, shut off the water to your main valve. The next action you should take is to call a professional. Murray plumbing knows just how to handle all water main problems and repairs. We’ll make sure that we can solve the problem and leave you worry free.

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