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Video Pipe Inspection

Posted by on Oct 10, 2018 in Services

Video Pipe Inspection

What is Video Pipe Inspection?  It is a specific type of inspection that uses a specialized, waterproof, video camera attached to a flexible rod.  A plumber then inserts the video camera into the pipe and feeds it through. The flexibility of the rod allows the camera to easily travel through the pipe – even around corners and debris.  While the camera is in the pipe, the plumbing technician can see the live video feed and be able to diagnose exactly what is wrong with the pipe in its entirety. Our Salt Lake City customers know that when their pipes need inspected, Murray Plumbing can do it properly with our video pipe inspection.


Why would you need a Video Pipe Inspection?  Video pipe inspection is particularly helpful for people in Salt Lake City who have:

  • Pipes that are under cement
  • Pipes under the house foundation
  • Pipes that are continually backing up
  • Pipes that are slow draining
  • Inspections on a new potential home
  • Lost jewelry
  • Lost or trapped pets that may have crawled into the pipe


What are benefits to using a video pipe inspection?  There are lots of benefits to using video pipe inspection.  Your plumbing technician can discover what is wrong with your pipe instantly.  Also, there is a radio transmitter on the camera that tells the exact location of the problem in the pipe.  This will help save you costs when having to dig into the ground to replace broken or cracked pipes. It can identify a greater range of problems including, root obtrusion, pipes that are cracked, misaligned, broken and corroded; or whether there are grease buildups, leaks or any obstructions.


In short, video pipe inspections are one of the most valuable tools in any Salt Lake City plumber’s toolbox.  Video Pipe Inspections are quick to diagnose and solve a variety of problems and issues, there’s no guesswork involved, the exact location of the issue is discovered and the homeowner has assurance that the true problem and solution is given instead of “assumptions” about the problem.


Don’t hesitate to call Murray Plumbing and ask more about our Video Pipe Inspection for your home.  We’ll figure out the problem and be sure to offer an affordable, honest solution.


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