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Rooting Services

Posted by on Nov 20, 2018 in Services

Rooting Services

What is a Rooter Service?  It’s a service that Murray Plumbing uses for all their Salt Lake City customers.  Rooter service is a plumbing service that uses a machine called a rooter to clean unwanted debris from your drain. No matter where you live in Utah, a clogged pipe can be a problem, but Murray Plumbing’s professional rooter services can solve those problems.  Our Salt Lake City clients know that Murray Plumbing has got their pipes covered. A rooter got its name because it was originally used to clean tree ROOTS out of clogged drains and pipes. Although the person who invented the rooter didn’t reside in Salt Lake City, it has become a plumbing standard for all plumbers, including those in Utah.  But a rooter is now used to clean out all types of stubborn clogs from your plumbing system.


How do I know if I need a rooter service?  Murray Plumbing would be more than happy to inspect any plumbing issues that are giving you concern to see if a rooter service is needed.  But there are a few signs that you may need a rooter service. Clogged drains are good sign, but sometimes the clog is only a surface clog.  You can tell if a clog is just a surface clog because it will usually affect only one area. A slow draining tub is probably due to soap scum or hair.  A deeper clog will affect more than one area. The sink, shower and toilet may drain slowly due to a toy or other debris clogging the drainage system. But a clog deep in the system, such as in the line running to the street, can cause a whole host of problems everywhere in your house and even your yard.  


But in its simplest form, all you need to remember about rooter services is that is a service used to unclog pipes, which can be a much needed service in Salt Lake City.  It is even a service that our Utah customers can ask for annually to ensure that the pipes throughout their house or business are running smoothly and so that you’re able to get rid of clogs before they become troublesome problems.


The Murray Plumbing Team is full of skilled professionals when it comes to clogged pipes and we can take care of all your rooter service needs.  Have a clogged pipe problem or just want routine maintenance services on your pipes? Call us today!

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