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Faucet Installation

Posted by on Jul 23, 2019 in Services

Everyone uses faucets but most people don’t really know anything about them. In fact, most people don’t realize that there are actually four types of faucets, and the type of faucet that you have has an impact on maintenance and replacement.




  • Ball Faucet

The ball faucet is the type of faucet commonly used in the kitchen. This type of faucet has a single handle that moves a ball inside the faucet, controlling the flow of water. The handle is attached to a round cap above the spout.


  • Cartridge Faucet (two handle)

A movable stem cartridge moves up and down in order to control the flow of water on these types of faucets. If you turn a knob and feel it move up and down, you know that you are using a cartridge faucet.



  • Disc Faucet

These faucets are ceramic and include a lever on top of a wide cylindrical body. Inside of a pressure balance cartridge, hot and cold water are mixed. The temperature is adjusted by a side-to-side handle rotation while ceramic discs raise and lower to control the flow.



  • Compression Washer Faucet

Compression washer faucets are typically found in older homes. These faucets are inexpensive but also leak easily because the washers wear out often. A compression faucet is identified by two handles that require a tight rotation to stop the water flow.




Now that you know what type of faucet you have, you may be wondering what to do if you need repairs or replacement. At Murray Plumbing, we offer services to relieve you of any of the stress that plumbing issues cause. Our installation services cover sinks, tubs, and faucets. Call us today for your peace of mind!

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