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Bathroom Plumbing Issues?

Posted by on Apr 16, 2017 in plumbing know how

Bathroom Plumbing Issues?

Bathroom Plumbing SinkWhat are the most common bathroom plumbing issues?  Clogged drains, leaking pipes or faucets, and leaking or running toilets are the most common bathroom plumbing issues.  If a toilet is running, there is a probably a part in the toilet system that has worn out.  Clogged toilets can usually be solved with a plunger, but sometimes a professional plumber needs to handle the issue if the clog happens deeper in the system or if something else (your child’s toy car) gets flushed.  Need a new sink or shower faucet installed?  Murray Plumbing can install all your new faucets and guarantee our workmanship.


Why call a professional plumber for your Bathroom Issues?


  1. Leaks can occur anywhere in your home, but when a homeowner finds and fixes a leak, there’s a chance you’ve only fixed the symptom and not the real problem.  Leaks left to their own devices can cause thousands of dollars worth of water damage to your home along with mold and other problems.  
  2. Clogs can also occur anywhere, including your bathtub or toilet pipes, especially if you’re not careful about what is flowing down the pipes.  You may be able to fix a clog, but sometimes the clog is too far down the line for a homeowner to fix themselves.  You can never be too careful with your piping system and clogs can lead to many other problems if left to worsen.
  3. Plumbers will have all the correct parts, tools and machinery to make sure the job is done right.  Sometimes, a home repair may be missing a key piece of the puzzle to prevent further issues in the future.  Masking a problem with a quick fix could cause greater damage when the “duct tape” fails.  Using a professional plumber will give you peace of mind that your home is safe and that the problem, not just the symptom, is fixed right.

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